About us

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”.
- Anthony J. D'Angelo

Designed with a sole aim of making young minds learn more,think more, junkminds aims to take education forward in the most fun way possible.

Our Mission :

We, at junkminds, believe that,learning cant be the same for every mind. Some can study amidst the crazy pace and noise of a moving metro city or some need the company of an eeriee silence of the night. Junkminds is your companion whenever you want to learn,wherever you want to learn. But we will make sure ‘YOU LEARN’.

Why Junkminds ?

The course content gives you freedom from hunting  for University Spcific course content . No more thinking about the relevance of the content youe see. At junkminds.com, you see only whatever is tyhe syllabus prescribed by the University, any thing irrelevant to that, Doesnt exist here.  Hence we are,


   Founder & CEO  : JUNAID KHATEEB

After having studied Masters in Computer Engineering, co-Authoring books on C++ & JAVA and teaching and training over 10,000 students in a span of 17 years, we realized that the world of education is going  through a paradigm shift globally. India cant be left behind ,our kids deserve the best and not so expensive teaching and learning methodology. Hence,came the idea of junkminds. it has and will continue to bring quality education into your homes.