Refund & cancellation policy

1.  We offer users a three (1)- day , no-question-asked money back guarantee on all courses.
2. The refund should be claimed within 1 days of registration.
3.   No such request will be entertained after 1 days.

The 3-day, No Question Refund policy stands null in following scenarios:
1)  Any kind of content is downloaded from junkmind’s learning management system.
2) If you watch more than 2 class recordings from junkmind’s learning management
3) If we believe that you are abusing our refund policy, it will be our sole discretion to suspend or terminate your account and refuse or restrict any and all current or future use of company products, without any liability to you.
4)   Company reserves the absolute rights to revise these terms without prior notice to you other than by posting revised terms on the website.
5)  Post 1 days, as per refund policy, further EMIs will not be cancelled in case of RazorPay EMI.
6)  To request a refund, please email

Pricing Terms

The Pricing of the courses is based on the following parameters
1) The length of the course.
2) The amount of content covered in the course.
3) The amount that company feels is fit for the content provided.

Change in Pricing terms

The company reserves the right to change the pricing of the course content or offer any further discount from time to time. Any fee change will not affect the people who have already enrolled for the course.

The company might levy any additional taxes, if ,at all there are any introduced by the government of India and every person enrolling will have to abide by th law of the land.