What is this Test ?

This simple test helps you in deciding what branch of engineering (ex. Computer,Electronics,Mechanical etc) is the best suited for you. it does so, after testing your basic educational skills and your inclination.

What is the nature of this test ?

This is a Multiple choice based online test. THere are 60 questions to be answered in 120 minutes.

Is any preparation needed for the test ?

NO, infact it is recommended that every student takes this test without any preparation at all, this will help us generate accurate results.

How are results generated?

The result will be mailed to you within 60 minutes after the completion of the test on the registered email id.

what if i have any further queries ?

after the results are generated, if you need further help, you can write to us at or call +91-9820183864

How do i Go about appearing for this test?

You need to register first for the test.the steps for completing the test are
REGISTER ==> Make an online payment of 500 Rs. ==> take the test using your registration credentials ==> get your result on your registered e- mail id.